Armor is used to increase a units defense.

There are 2 different types: Light Armor, and Heavy armor.


Sackcloth +1

Hide +3

Heavy Wool Tunic +5

Chieftain's Tunic +8 (UNIQUE)

Fur +10

Tiger Skin Vest +12 (UNIQUE)

Leather +16

Ozimal's Coat +19 (UNIQUE)

Wool Gambeson +20

Warrior Monk's Habit +24

Silk Gambeson +25

Assassin's Folly +28

Master of Archers +30

The Platinum Fleece +35


Jack of Chains +3

Maille Shirt +5

Mixed Maille +11

Glory of War +13 (UNIQUE

Lamellar +17

Horseman's Lamellar +20

Coat of Plates +23

Traitor's Harness +25

Brigandine +30

Strength of Wocolan +35

Plate Harness +38

Lord Warden's Harness +40

Purity of Flame +50

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