Basic shot

Basic Shot is the basic attack of every Ranger, representing a single ranged attack with her bow and arrow. All rangers already come with at least 1 point in this skill, and it is readily available as soon as the ranger is put in battle.

The skill hits a single enemy for low damage, but the short recharge time allows the Ranger to shoot 2 or 3 of these every second. As all other Ranger skills, this one can hit any foe in her attack range.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 1

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Active/Offensive
Boost Level: 1
Attacks: 1 (Single Target)

Cooldown (CD)Edit

Base CD (0 SPD): 0.8 sec
CD at Character Lv. 1 (10 SPD): 0.4 sec
CD at Character Lv. 40 (19.75 SPD): 0.3 sec

Variable StatsEdit

Damage dealt by Basic Shot is a percentage of the character's current Attack.

Skill Lv. Damage (% of Attack)
1 50%
2 55%
3 60%
4 65%
5 70%
6 75%
7 80%
8 85%
9 90%

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