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The Berserker is the first class of defender that Azra meets in game. The hero for this class is Slak.


A melee unit, the Berserker is not afraid to get up close and personal with the enemy, despite his disregard for armor. In fact, he's not afraid of anything at all. They make for great early game melee fighters and cut down enemies with ease. Unfortunately, as a melee unit, his range is minimal and does not increase with boosts.

Their strengths are;

  1. They have an incredible attack speed, making him great against huge crowds of weak Revenant.
  2. They have Bleed, which combined with their ability to attack fast means they only have to land 1 effective blow and they will do damage even after the foe has walked away.
  3. They have a faster regeneration, which means between fights they recover HP a little at a time.
  4. They have a boast to evade, meaning they have less chance to be hit
  5. They have a boast to chance to critical, combined with their speedy attacks means they can randomly hit hard.

The Berserker's lack of armour make them very vulnerable to attacks and by late game when tougher foes are coming, the Beserkers usually are left giving way to the stronger Knight and Dragon classes. They usually require the aid of a Healer to make them the most effective. They work best alongside the Knight class as they can cut down the foes the Knights fail to get in time and are often best placed after them in the line up. They have a slightly bigger reach then the night class.

They are available for recruiting at Ozimal's Prison, Shanty, Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital, Guard's Hideout and Ghost Town.

Equipment Edit

Weapon: Sword
Armor: None

Stats Edit

Formulae for Berserker's stats:

Hit Points: (Level + 1) x 28
Attack: (Level + 1) x 2
Range: 1.8
Speed: 10 + (Level - 1) x 0.25
Defense: 0
Evade: 10%
Regen: (Level + 1) x 1.05

Skills Edit

Berserker skill tree

Berserker Skill Tree

Boost Lv. Skill Description Requirements
1 Slash Hits a single foe once for minor damage. Character Lv. 1
2 Double Hit Hits up to 2 foes for moderate damage. Character Lv. 2

1 Point in Slash

3 Flurry Hit up to 5 foes for moderate damage. Character Lv. 5

1 Point in Double Hit

4 Swipe Hits all foes within a 90 degree arc once for big damage. Character Lv. 15

1 Point in Madness

5 Whirlwind Hits all foes within range 3 times each for moderate damage per hit. Character Lv. 20

1 Point in Swipe

Passive Traits
Skill Description Requirements
Swiftness Adds a small bonus to Speed. Character Lv. 2

1 Point in Slash

Resilience Adds a small bonus to Regen. Character Lv. 5

1 Point in Swiftness

Madness Adds chance of Flurry dealing a Critical Hit. Character Lv. 10

1 Point in Flurry

Rage Adds a chance for all attacks to inflict Bleed (foe temporarily takes more damage from future hits). Character Lv. 10

1 Point in Resilience

Reflexes Adds bonus to Evade. Character Lv. 15

1 Point in Rage

Boost Effects Edit

Boost Lv. PSI Cost Attack Bonus Speed Bonus
1 25 +0% +0%
2 50 +30% +15%
3 100 +60% +30%
4 200 +100% +45%
5 300 +150% +60%

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