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Black out the sun

Black Out the Sun is the fifth and last attack skill available for Rangers. It quickly fires 10 arrows in a row at random targets inside the Ranger's range.

Being a powerful skill, it's also the slowest from this class. Each of the 10 arrows deal a good amount of damage (higher than Rapid Shot, but lower than Spread Shot), and they are sure to hit since every shot is aimed, unlike Spread Shot.

It's a good skill to clear out mobs and not bad for one single enemy as well, but it will spread the damage if a strong foe is surrounded by weak ones -- even when setting target to Strong.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 20
  • At least 1 Point in Spread Shot
  • Boost Level 5 activated

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Active/Offensive
Boost Level: 5
Attacks: 10 (Hits 10 random targets)

Cooldown (CD)Edit

Base CD (0 SPD): 35 sec
CD at Character Lv. 20 (14.75 SPD): 14.1 sec
CD at Character Lv. 40 (19.75 SPD): 11.8 sec

Variable StatsEdit

Damage dealt by Black Out the Sun is a percentage of the character's current Attack.

Skill Lv. Damage per hit (% of Attack)
1 110%
2 120%
3 130%
4 140%
5 150%
6 160%
7 170%
8 180%
9 190%

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