Bows can be equipped by Rangers. These weapons allow them long-ranged attacks, but are useless for close up enemies.

List of Bows Edit

Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price

Attack Bonus (Upgraded)

Buy Price (Upgraded) Sell Price (Upgraded) Unique Obtainable on Effect
Green bow Green bow +2 75 37 +30 10000 5000 No Buy at Karsk, Laksos or The Monastery None
Wood bow Wood bow +4 250 125 +32 16000 8000 No Buy at Karsk, Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital or Guard's Hideout None
Hunters bow Hunter's bow +8 800 400 +34 23000 11500 No Buy at Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital, Guard's Hideout or Dragon's Lair None
Antler bow Antler bow +12 1900 950 +36 30000 15000 No Buy at The HospitalGuard's HideoutDragon's Lair or Ghost Town None
Hunter warrior Hunter Warrior +14 --- --- +45 5xStone Skulls Cant be sold Yes Perfect The Coliseum on Extreme +0.3 to RANGE
Great stag bow Great stag bow +17 2700 1350 +39 39000 19500 No Buy at Dragon's LairGhost Town or Treasure Chamber None
Relic of the north Relic of the North +19 --- --- +47 7xStone Skulls Cant be sold Yes Perfect Attack at the Hospital on Extreme Adds CHILL: -50% SPD, 3sec, 10% chance
Composite warbow Composite warbow +23 4800 2400 +42 48000 24000 No Buy at Ghost Town or Treasure Chamber None
Captains warbow Captain's Warbow +25 --- --- +49 1xBronze Skull Cant be sold Yes Perfect Defend the Nest on Advanced Improves ARMOR PIERCE: x1,5Amt, +10% chance
Reinforced longbow Reinforced longbow +28 7600 3800 +44 59000 29500 No Buy at Treasure Chamber None
Warlords triumph Warlord's Triumph +30 --- --- +51 1xBronze Skull Cant be sold Yes Perfect The God-King Walks Again on Advanced +10% base attack Improves POISON: 2x Amt, +5% chance
Gilded death Gilded Death +35 --- --- +53 1xObsidian Skull Cant be sold Yes Perfect The Face of Madness on Extreme Improves CRITICAL: +10% chance

vs DARK: Adds LIGHT: 10 sec, 100% chance

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