In Defender's Quest, Equipment is one of the ways to make your Defenders stronger. They can be bought or gotten as a reward from battles, and may be switched freely between Defenders. Equipment that is not unique can also be sold for half of its buy price.

There are two types of equipment in game: Weapons and Armors. Weapons give Defenders an attack bonus, while armors give a defense bonus. There are different kinds of Weapons and Armors, each one being used by one or two classes.

Equipment TypesEdit

The types of Weapon are:

The types of Armor are:

Unique EquipmentEdit

There are also Unique equipments in game. As the name implies, you can find one of each per game, and they cannot be sold. Unique equipments usually cannot be bought as well, being awarded as rewards for finishing battles in Advanced or Extreme difficulty -- except for one Unique sword, the Evni. Being unique, you can still buy only one of it and cannot sell it later.

The unique items are very powerful compared to most other items obtainable at the same point in game. Even though some later common items can be stronger than unique equipment obtainable early in game, the strongest equipment of a given type will always be unique.

In future updates, all unique items will be upgradable, allowing all of them to be stronger than the strongest buyable item of its kind. They will also have unique traits for each of them, giving players a choice of what item to use depending on the map.

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