Dragon Fire is the last spell Azra learns in the game. The party is ambushed across a river in A Desperate Dash to Freedom by a horde of Revenent. In the darkest hour, Niru teaches Azra the secret to Dragon Fire, granting her the honor of being the first mortal to know the secret.

When cast, Dragon Fire deals damage to every enemy in the maze, and to add insult to injury, sets them all on fire.

Dragon firesmall


In game description: Deals ** damage to all enemies on screen and sets them on fire for ## seconds.

Psi cost: 100

Cooldown: 120 seconds

Skill Points Damage Duration
1 150 10 sec
2 180 12 sec
3 210 14 sec
4 250 16 sec
5 300 18 sec
6 350 20 sec
7 400 22 sec
8 450 24 sec
9 500 25 sec

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