Ice Shard

Ice Shard is a skill in Defender's Quest, it is a skill used by Ice Mages. It can be unlocked at level 2.


  • Defender level 2.
  • At least 1 point in Ice Ball.


Base LevelEdit

Target: 1 foe
Hits: 1 per foe
Damage: 6
Cooldown: 2.5 seconds
Bonus: None.

Boost Per LevelEdit

Damage: 1.2 (Varies based on level of Ice Mage)
Bonus: None.

Affected ByEdit

Ice Spear: Adds Strike Through, allows for multiple targets.


The game will adjust projectile path to become orthogonal if they're already close to orthonogal. Previously, the ice mage would target the selected target, but the aiming point wasn't in center of the tile for many enemies, which led to the projectile straying away when the mage was directly facing the corridor the enemies were coming down to. Rather than adjusting aimpoints, the developers chose to bend the projectile when it hits the first target. Described by Lars on the forum without exact details.

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