Name Laksos
Act II
Town II
Equipment Sold Swords, Bows, Light Armors
Recruitment Berserkers, Rangers
Previous Town Karsk
Next Town The Monastery
Previous Battle Old Friends, New Enemies
Next Battle The Monastery Gates
"A survivor's camp at the foot of a mountain, a frequent target of Ozimal's raiding parties."

Laksos is the second town in Act II and fourth overall. It is another nomad camp, constantly attacked by Ozimal.

The nomads are willing to buy and sell goods, for the right price. It is possible to recruit both Berserkers and Rangers here.


After a small scene with Slak, Ketta says she found a small caravan of nomads who offered to sell supplies. The Headsman of the caravan is Ketta's grandfather's fifth wife's second cousin, so she was able to haggle some discounts.

This shows as a nice opportunity to stock up on better equipment and mercenaries until our heroes get to the Monastery.

Healing SpellEdit

While in the city, a nomad shows up and gives Azra a scroll with the spell Healing, left by the old man who freed her from the Prison. This spell is not as useful as Lightning or Frenzy, but it could be useful for the next few battles until you get a healer. After that, it will basically become obsolete.

Healing is often considered the worst of Azra's spells and is usually left at level 1.


This camp has better equipment than the previous towns. It also has all kinds of equipment found up to this point: Swords, Bows and Light Armors.


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Metal shiv Metal shiv +5 160 80
Rusty sword Rusty sword +10 500 250
Iron sword Iron sword +16 1250 625


Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Green bow Green bow +2 75 37
Wood bow Wood bow +4 250 125
Hunters bow Hunter's bow +8 800 400

Light ArmorsEdit

Name Defense Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Sackcloth Sackcloth +1 50 25
Hide Hide +3 200 100
Heavy wool tunic Heavy Wool Tunic +5 500 250


Nothing new, but you are able to recruit both Berserkers and Rangers here.

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