Light Armors can be equipped by Rangers and Healers. Even though these classes cannot use heavy armor, their fragile constitution makes it necessary to give them light armors so they can endure attacks in battle.

List of Light Armors Edit

Name Defense Bonus Buy Price Sell Price Defense Bonus (Upgraded) Buy Price (Upgraded) Sell Pride (Upgraded) Unique Obtainable on
Sackcloth Sackcloth +1 50 25 +27 9000 4500 No Buy at Karsk, Laksos or The Monastery
Hide Hide +3 200 100 +30 14000 7000 No Buy at Karsk, Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital or Guard's Hideout
Heavy wool tunic Heavy Wool Tunic +5 500 250 +33 19000 9500 No Buy at Laksos, The Monastery, The Hospital, Guard's Hideout or Dragon's Lair
Fur Fur +10 1200 600 +36 26000 13000 No Buy at The Hospital, Guard's Hideout, Dragon's Lair or Ghost town
Chieftains tunic Chieftain's Tunic +12 --- --- +34 5xStone Skulls 80% PHYSICAL DMG resist Yes Perfect The Battle of Karsk on Advanced
Tiger skin vest Tiger Skin Vest +14 --- --- +39 7xStone Skulls 40% evade PHYSICAL Yes Perfect Old Friends, New Enemies on Extreme
Leather Leather +16 2000 1000 +39 34000 17000 No Buy at Dragon's Lair, Ghost Town or Treasure Chamber
Wool gambeson Wool Gambeson +20 3500 1750 +42 41000 20500 No Buy at Ghost Town or Treasure Chamber
Ozimals coat Ozimal's Coat +22 --- --- +43 9xStone Skulls

Thorns (100% ATK) + POISON:

Amt:0,1 10sec, 100% chance

Yes Perfect The Monastery Ascension on Extreme
Silk gambeson Silk Gambeson +25 6000 3000 +45 49000 24500 No Buy at Treasure Chamber
Warrior monks habit Warrior Monk's Habit +26 --- --- +46 1xBronze Skull 60% MAGIC DMG resist Yes Perfect Tunnel Escape on Advenced
Assassins folly Assassin's Folly +28 --- --- +47 1xBronze Skull Save vs. PHYSICAL if HP >=20% Yes Perfect The Face of Madness on Advanced
Master of archers Master of Archers +30 --- --- +49 2xBronze Skull 60% evade RANGED Yes Perfect Realm of the Wizard on Advanced
The platinum fleece The Platinum Fleece +35 --- --- +52 1xObsidian Skull

+10% to EVADE

Save vs. MAGIC if HP >= 20%

Yes Perfect Storm the Sheep on Extreme

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