Dra serious
Violent and mysterious, this dragon shares no secrets
Vital statistics
Age 700 (estimate)
Gender Female
Class Dragon
Nationality Dragons
Equipment none
It is a poor time indeed when mortals barter with the gods.

Niru is a powerful (albeit flightless) Dragon whom Azra meets in the caves near the Citadel. A fallen Dragon, Niru believes herself to be a God, treating all "common mortals" with contempt. A wing injury prevents her from flying.

History Edit

Azra and her party stumble upon Niru's territory while looking for the Royal Records Room. After Azra shows her power in battle, Niru decides to spare her life, should she perform a task for the dragon. They ultimately strike a bargain: In return for help finding the records room, Azra helps defend Niru's nest from revenants (and later, finds food for her young, and then escorts the dragons out of the Pit).

After departing Eztli-Tenoch's former throne room, the party encounters a huge horde of revenants on the river. Niru teaches Azra the secret of Dragon Fire, something no mortal had ever learned before. This new power helps the party overcome the seemingly impossible odds.[1]

When Niru discovers treasure, she claims it for herself as the finder, demanding payment from Slak in return for giving him his "one true love" (the sword Evni).[2]

After learning that Zelemir killed her young and turned them into revenants, she angrily pursues him, seeking revenge. If Azra chooses to escape the Pit while she can (Ending A), Niru denounces her as a cowardly mortal, and perishes when Zelemir collapses the Pit.

Following the defeat of Eztli-Tenoch, Niru leaves the mortal world. In Endings D and E, she gives the human survivors a sack of gold and other valuables, before departing to seek a mate who can teach her young how to fly.

References Edit

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  2. Chapter 6, Scene 6: Treasure Chamber

Gallery Edit

  • Niru has an air of superiority
  • Niru is interested in your proposition
  • Niru, prowling
  • Niru laughing
  • How dare you, mortal!?
  • Niru brings gifts of gold
  • Niru in the upgrade screen