Violent and mysterious, this dragon shares no secrets

Niru is a powerful Dragon who Azra meets in the caves near the Citadel. A fallen Dragon, Niru believes herself to be a God, despising all "common mortals".

After Azra shows her power in battle, Niru decides to spare her life, should she perform a task for the dragon. They ultimately make a bargain, and Niru decides to help Azra in her quest after she helps defending the Dragon Nest and feeding the dragons.

Basic DetailsEdit

  • Full Name: Niru
  • Age: 700 (estimate)
  • Nationality: Dragon
  • Equip Weapon: None
  • Equip Armor: None
  • Niru speaking in a cutscene
  • Niru has an air of superiority
  • Note damage on Niru's wing that prevents flying
  • Niru, prowling
  • Niru laughing

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