Ozimal's Prison
Ozimals prison2
Name Ozimal's Prison
Act I
Town I
Equipment Sold Swords
Recruitment Berserkers
Previous Town None
Next Town Shanty
Previous Battle The Coliseum
Next Battle Return to the Coliseum
"Ozimal's prison town of slaves and gladiators. A mix of deplorable scum and innocent bystanders, all eager to escape."

Ozimal's Prison is the first town found in game. Although not technically a town, it has the same functionalities of every town found in the game: you are able to buy and sell equipment, and recruit new Defenders.


Azra and her companions are thrown in the jail by Ozimal, where she finds several other prisoners, from slaves to gladiators.

Azra doesn't know how to explain to Ketta what just happened. After Ketta goes away to drink something, a Mysterious Stranger with a hood talks to Azra through the window.

The stranger tells her that Ozimal will try to sell her to a man in red. That she will be sent to the Coliseum again -- that's when the stranger would cause a distraction for them to escape. He also gives her some scrap so she can hire help from prisoners and tells her to find him at the Monastery.

Not knowing whether to trust him or not, Azra notices she doesn't have any other choice.

After completing Return to the Coliseum, you'll have to go to Shanty to buy Berserkers' weapons.


The Prison is the first place where you can buy Equipment for your Defenders. These serve as a way to make them stronger in battle, and can be transfered from one to another.

The only equipments available here are Swords, for berserkers:

Name Attack Bonus Buy Price Sell Price
Stone shiv Stone shiv +3 50 25
Metal shiv Metal shiv +5 160 80


Here you can recruit your first Defenders -- once recruited, they will be in your party until the end of the game and can be summoned in battle. The only defenders available here are Berserkers.

Every defender hired makes the prices for future recruitments higher, no matter what class is recruited. One can have up to 6 defenders of each class (the hero and 5 mercenaries).

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