Sharp Shooter is the first passive trait available for Rangers. It makes every shot from every active skill to have a chance of being a critical hit, dealing extra damage.

This is a very popular skill for most builds since it affects all skills, increasing the average damage outputs for all of them.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 2
  • At least 1 Point in Basic Shot

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Passive/Offensive

Variable StatsEdit

Even though we would expect a critical hit to deal double damage, that's only true for level 1 of Sharp Shooter. For higher levels, the damage dealt by a critical hit is even higher.

Skill Lv. Damage Multiplier Proc Chance
1 200% 10%
2 213% 12%
3 225% 14%
4 238% 16%
5 250% 18%
6 263% 20%
7 275% 22%
8 288% 24%
9 300% 26%

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