Slak slash 1

Slash is the first skill of every Berserker. It is already available even when the said berserker was just recruited.

It is also the most basic attack berserkers have. It deals minor damage to a single foe, but its cooldown time is small, allowing the berserker to attack 3 or 4 times per second when not boosted.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 1

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Active/Offensive
Boost Level: 1
Attacks: 1 (Single Target)


Base CD (0 SPD): 0.6 sec
CD at Character Lv. 1 (10 SPD): 0.3 sec
CD at Character Lv. 40 (19.75 SPD): 0.2 sec
CD at Lv. 40 + Swiftness Lv. 9 (24.75 SPD): 0.2 sec

Variable StatsEdit

Damage dealt by Slash is a percentage of the character's current Attack.

Skill Lv. Damage (% of Attack)
1 45%
2 48%
3 51%
4 54%
5 57%
6 60%
7 63%
8 66%
9 69%

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