Slak slash 2

Swipe is the fourth attack skill available for Berserkers. It hits all enemies within a 90 degree arc once for big damage.

As usual for berserker's skills, this one deals a higher amount of damage per hit than the other lower rank attacks, compensating by having a very high recharge time -- even higher than Flurry's.

Requirements Edit

  • Character Level 15
  • At least 1 Point in Madness
  • Boost Level 4 activated

Skill Stats Edit

Type: Active/Offensive
Boost Level: 4
Attacks: Multiple (Hits all enemies in a 90-degree arc once)


Base CD (0 SPD): 17 sec
CD at Character Lv. 15 (13.5 SPD): 7.2 sec
CD at Character Lv. 40 (19.75 SPD): 5.7 sec
CD at Lv. 40 + Swiftness Lv. 9 (24.75 SPD): 4.9 sec

Variable StatsEdit

Damage dealt by Swipe is a percentage of the character's current Attack.

Skill Lv. Damage (% of Attack)
1 120%
2 130%
3 140%
4 150%
5 160%
6 170%
7 180%
8 190%
9 200%

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