The Half-Way World
The Half-Way World2
Name The Half-Way World
Battle 1-1
Enemies Revenant
Previous Battle None
Next Battle Caravan of the Dead

"Lost and alone, Azra finds herself caught between life and death."

 The Half-Way World is the first battle of Act I and the first overall of the entire game. The battle is fairly short having only three waves. It is also one of two levels that has no difficulty selection.


After being thrown into the pit, Azra meets another plague victim who begins talking about someone who is "calling" them. Behind them appears a golden man, surrounded by fire. The other plague victim tells Azra, to listen to his voice and he offers to become something much greater. The victim's skin becomes grey and is surrounded by a red aura. When Azra resists the golden man, the plague victim tries to attack her. Azra becomes frozen and can't move, and begs for help from anyone. Azra begins to glow with her own white aura as a man appears before them.

The BattleEdit

The first battle of the game is fairly simple and straight forward. Azra and Slak explain the game controls to the player as they help one another fight off the Revenant.

Total XP: 43
Total Scrap: 0

# Wave Name HP Speed Attack Range Armor End Hit PSI Traits
Revenant x 5 Sigil red small
Revenant 8 0.5 --- --- --- 2 2.0 ---
Revenant x 7 Sigil red small
Revenant 8 0.5 --- --- --- 2 2.0 ---
Revenant x 11 Sigil red small
Revenant 21 0.5 --- --- --- 4 2.2 ---

The AftermathEdit

Azra does not understand what just happened. The man tells her that she is alive and immune to the plague, but she is now trapped in The Pit with all others, since the guards won't ever let anyone leave.

Azra wonders about the place they just went to (the Half-Way World), and the man tells her he also had the same hallucination when he first had the plague. Azra tries to ask his new companion about this hallucination, but he sees a caravan and runs to it in hope of getting some new shoes.

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