Well, so far so good. Surprisingly, my sketch went to the main page, even though I don't think it's good enough -- but we still have time to change it later, there are far more important issues to address here before that. There are a lot of broken links, pages not created yet, stubs and missing images to take care by now.

Anyway, I'm not working here so frantically as I did before. Now I'm creating a couple pages everyday and adding some images... a healthy pace that won't disturb real life issues. No need to have everything ready by the end of the week.

Not much movement yet but I know there are some people reading the Wiki. I hope I can make it a good place to get all-around info about the game and strategies. Need to finish the basics first.

Finally, I got my hands on beta! Lots of improvements, some things that I really do like. I can't wait, Gold Version is gonna be great!

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