Well, don't know why but I decided to work on the Wiki. Maybe because it's so incomplete as it is. I already did a lot of changes, and I see there are a lot more to come. It would be easier with more people.

I presented an idea for the Main Page too. I know it's not good enough, but I asked for opinions and no one else answered yet, so I'll keep it that way until I have some feedback.

I also own the full game and asked Lars to be a beta tester. I'm currently waiting for his reply, but I'm excited about trying the new stuff (mod customization). Getting my hands on 0.9.04 or later would be helpful as well for the game images. I'm not posting many images because I'm waiting to get them raw. Once I have the beta, I'll start posting images for all equipment, characters and such.

Let's see if there's some more movement in the next days. Maybe I just got here in a slow time.

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