Worm (Steam Version)
Steam version of Worm
Revenant Type Swift Revenant Spawn
Type of Wave FAST
Hit Points Low
Speed Fast
Attack None
Armor None
First Appearance (Storyline) Return to the Coliseum
First Appearance (Overall) Return to the Coliseum

– These fast-moving worm-like creatures have several rows of sharp teeth.

Eyewitnesses accounts speak of them bursting out of large, bloated Revenant that have festered for weeks." - In-Game Description

Worms are all of type Swift Revenant Spawn. Their first appearance is during the battle Return to the Coliseum.

Although weak, Worms are very fast. They could be a problem when in big packs (especially when mixed with other waves), if your defenders only have single target skills available.

Solo AppearancesEdit

Sorted by Battle - Difficulties

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