Zelemir, the Sorceror

Full name: Prince Zelemir Ashantimon

Nationality: Ash

Also known as: "The Man in Red", The main antagonist of the game.


As the Quaid War approached its height, the Ash Kingdom was in trouble and was about to be annihilated by the advancing Quaid forces. Zelemir the crown Prince from Ashantimon, stumbled upon a dark discovery. By spilling the blood of those descendant from the 3 who sealed away Eztli-Tenoch's power he would have access to Eztli's God-like power and end the war.

He and Bakal used the new found power to try to win the war. Each day Zelemir went into a trance, which grew longer and longer as the days progressed. By 1 month, Zelemir's plague had pushed back the Quaid empire and half of it lay in ruins.

In the end, they had successfully destroyed the Quaid but the price had been too much for Bakal. Bakal attempted to end the choas by killing Zelemir but upon his death the Plague merely spiraled out of control. Zelemir continue to exist owed to his link to Eztli's power, allowing him control over the revenant.

As time progressed, Zelemir realised that Eztli had awaken and was trying to return to the world, which would see the world cease to exist as it once did and return to a dark period long ago. To ensure Eztli did not return, he needed to destroy him with enough power. To gather the power needed, Zelemir killed many of Niru's children and turned the into revenant. Then over time, it became clear another issue had arisen; the last descendant of the 3rd blood seal had entered the pit.

Knowing that Azra's spilled blood would allow Eztli to return, he opened up the path for her to exist the pit unhindered.

In Ending A, she takes this route, and Zelemir destroys the pit to gain the strength to stop him.

In Ending B Azra leads a suicide charge to stop Zelemir. During the fight Zelemir attempts to see his plan through to create new seal by sarificing the denizens of the Pit. This would create a new seal thousands strong and by burring those in the pit in the destruction, see there are no descendants to ever break the Seal again. As he works his plan into action, Azra teleports everyone in the Pit away, but in the process spilling her own blood as Zelemir feared. Working together using the power of those Azra has sparred, the pair took down Eztli.

Zelemir met his ultimate end when he followed Eztli-Tenoch into the spirit-world and finished him off. Since Zelemir was already dead and it was only Eztli keeping him alive, with Eztli gone, so was Zelemir.


  • "Zelemir" means in old Slavic "Desire for Peace". However, "mir" has more then one meaning and is also the word for "World". Thus the alternative translation is "Desire for the World". This was one of two reasons given for the choice of his name, the second was it began with "Z".


  • Zelemir first appears to us as "The Man in Red"
  • Zelemir casts back his hood
  • Note the bandage from the blood ritual performed with Bakal
  • Zelemir, sword drawn
  • Zelemir rides a revenant dragon

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